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EasyCalendar: Progress Report

I've made a lot of progress on EasyCalendar over the past few days. Here's a quick summary...

Support for multiple event data sources. For example, suppose that you have an employee database with things like Anniversary Date, Birthday, and then related child records for employee Review Dates. With EasyCalendar, you can now choose to display all of these dates on a single calendar.

Full support for complex business rules. Continuing with the example above, you might only want members of HR department to be able to see the "Review Dates." EasyCalendar gives you the ability to do that.

Support for Weekly and Monthly views. You can easily toggle between views showing a month of dates at a time, or events for a single week.

Scripted control of "Day View." When clicking on a calendar date, you can run your own script and handle the display however you would like. For example, you might navigate the user to a layout showing the source of those events.

Support for displaying times (which in and of itself is optional) in either standard or military format.

The next step is to put together a quick demo database to serve as both the delivery mechanism for EasyCalendar and an example of its functionality. I hope to have that wrapped up over the coming weekend...

So I'm on track for delivering the beta on Wednesday, October 1st. Stay tuned to my blog, Twitter, and/or the new EasyCalendar Web site for additional updates.