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EasyCalendar: Update, Features, FAQ, and Beta Release Date

Since informally announcing FMEasyCalendar last Friday, I've received a number of emails asking about the project. The interest in the EasyCalendar has been both surprising and encouraging.

Here's an update on progress that I've made, the feature list, and answers to some of the questions that I've received...


Over this past weekend, I made a lot of progress on EasyCalendar. (It's amazing how much you can get done while waiting for your car to be serviced.) I've added support for dynamically specifying text colors and styles of individual events, starting calendar weeks on either a Sunday or Monday, and more.

EasyCalendar Features

Here's a list of the features that you will see in the beta release of EasyCalendar.

Easy integration.
• Requires only one new table and one new script.
• No need to make changes to existing tables.
• No need to make changes to the relationship graph.

Easy customization.
• Specify event text colors and styles based on your logic.
• Start calendar weeks on Sundays or Mondays.
• Customize calendar appearance using FileMaker layout tools.

• Support for multi-day events.
• Support for displaying event beginning and end times.

Shared and personalized calendars.
• Setup calendars shared by all users.
• Setup personalized calendars for individual users.

Support for business rules.
• Use your rules to indicate which events specific users can (and cannot) see.

Support for the entire FileMaker 13 platform.
• Supports users running FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect.
• Includes optimizations for solutions hosted on FileMaker Server 13.


Can EasyCalendar be used with FileMaker Go?
Yes. EasyCalendar uses only native FileMaker functionality, making it fully compatible with FileMaker Go.

How about FileMaker WebDirect?
Yes - and for the same reasons listed above.

Does EasyCalendar require FileMaker Server
No. You can use EasyCalendar in local solutions, as well as solutions being hosted using peer-to-peer networking.

However, when used in solutions that are being hosted with FileMaker Server 13, EasyCalendar will automatically use FileMaker 13's "Perform Script on Server" script step, which optimizes the generation and refreshing of calendars.

Will EasyCalendar support drag and drop?

Will EasyCalendar support localization?
I think so. (How's that for an answer?)

I'm still testing this feature, but it looks like EasyCalendar will automatically "localize itself" based on a user's settings. So you should see translated text (month and day names) and local formats for dates and times.

How much will EasyCalendar cost?
Like the other projects that I've released this year, EasyCalendar will provided via an open source license.

Release Date

While I still have a lot of work to do on EasyCalendar, I plan to have most of that wrapped up this week. As I mentioned last week, the calendar function is a part of a client project that I am working on, so I'm working hard to wrap things up.

In any case, I'm planning to release the beta for EasyCalendar on October 1st.

Thanks for all of the interest in EasyCalendar!

A view of FMEasyCalendar w/ dynamically styled and colored text. Click the image to see a larger version.