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EasyAudit: Improving Peformance

Liz Thurber of Unity Database Design wrote to me this week about FM EasyAudit.

Liz had been working with EasyAudit and found performance to be quite slow at times. She experimented, and found that making one small change reduced the time for one process (which logged changes to seven fields) to complete from 6 minutes down to 5 seconds!

Here's Liz's technique for improving peformance...

I found one thing that really helped performance. I added a "Commit Record" step to the "EasyAudit - Commit - Server" script, in the "If the value has changed..." "Log the Change" section (after all of the Set Field steps).

I noticed it was taking the server a long time to create the log records. So much so, that I worried about putting it into production. I added script steps to capture timestamps throughout the script, and noticed that the script would zip along until it created its first log record, and then it would really slow down. The "Commit" step fixed the problem, so now it's working wonderfully. In my test, it went from 6 minutes to log seven field changes in a record, down to 5 seconds. I have an unusually large table of 300+ fields, so the slowdown was noticeable.

Just thought you might like to know. I have no details to offer on the FileMaker Server set up, and if that had any bearing on my slow speeds. But if adding the "Commit Record" step helped me, it might be a safe change that could help others.

If you're running into performance issues with EasyAudit, then you might want to give Liz's technique a try.

Thanks, Liz, for taking the time to share this with me!