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15 Best Websites for Xojo Developers

When I first started using Xojo (which was a little more than two years ago), I read everything I could find about it. With Xojo's documentation, the Xojo forum, and blogs from Xojo developers, I was able to quickly get up to speed with Xojo.

What follows are 15 of the best Xojo-related Web sites that I've found over the past few years and visit quite frequently. Whether you're a seasoned Xojo developer or just getting starting, I hope you'll find these sites to be as helpful as I do.

Official Xojo Sites

The official Xojo company site - and the starting point for "everything Xojo."

Xojo Forum
The Xojo Forum is where you'll find Xojo developers "hanging out" online. If you have a question about Xojo, need advice, or just want to get a sense of what developers are creating with Xojo, then this resource is for you.

Xojo Dev Center
The Dev Center is the hub for many of the most important and helpful Xojo resources, including user guides, documentation, and much more.


Xojo Blog
Xojo's own blog includes posts from Xojo staff (including Xojo's CEO Geoff Perlman - how cool is that?) as well as guest bloggers.

BKeeney Briefs
BKeeney Briefs is the blog of Bob Keeney, the founder of Kansas City-based BKeeney Software, a software development firm that specializes in Xojo software development. Bob is one of the most prominent developers in the Xojo community, and while he is clearly a fan of Xojo, his blog posts are honest and to the point.

Camp Software Blog
Based in Orlando, Florida, Camp Software is a software development company that specializes in custom database-driven apps. Camp Software is run by my good friend and fellow Xojo developer, Hal Gumbert. Hal maintains the company's blog, where he shares his Xojo-related experiences.

Monkeybread Software Blog
Monkeybread Software's Xojo plug-in collection is by far the most popular Xojo add-on, and for good reason: They provide over 59,000 functions, making it easier to create charts, connect to SQL databases, make use of iOS functionality, and more. Monkeybread's blog is written by CEO Christian Schmitz, and it includes many helpful posts about the Xojo plug-ins.

DaedTech: Stories about Software
While not specifically about Xojo, I find the posts on this blog to be very interesting. DaedTech is a software development company run by Erik Dietrich (no relation). Erik's posts cover a range of technical topics, but it is his more general posts (on topics such as hourly billing, software project management, and more) that I find to be the most interesting.

Programming In The Twenty-First Century
This is another blog that isn't Xojo-specific, but that I've really enjoyed reading. Written by James Hague (who describes himself as a "recovering programmer"), the blog covers programming techniques, industry trends, and more.


XojoTalk is the podcast of Paul Lefebvre, Xojo's very own Developer Evangelist. In this podcast, Paul talks with members of the Xojo community. It's another great way to learn about how developers are using Xojo, to keep up with the latest Xojo news, and to get to know members of the community.

This is an interesting podcast, in that it allows you to listen in as members of a Mastermind group discuss making the transition from developers to entrepreneurs.

Developer On Fire
This podcast's tagline is "stories from inspiring people in and around software," and that describes it perfectly. If you're a developer who is looking for a little inspiration, this podcast is for you.

Industry Publications

There are many tech publications available online, but over the years I've found InfoWorld to be one of the best. If you want to keep you finger on the pulse of the industry - without spending hours and hours visiting a bunch of sites - then checkout InfoWorld.

Better Software Magazine
StickyMinds is a community whose primary goal is "to help software testers excel in their careers and build their craft." Here you will find many great resources, including Better Software magazine, a free digital magazine with articles that will help you better manage your development projects and deliver better software.

Hacker News
This is a forum where members of the IT community - many of whom are involved in startups - share and discuss tech-related news. There's a lot of information here, and it's a great way to get a deeper understanding of the latest IT news and trends.

Know of any Web sites that Xojo developers might find useful?
Please feel free to share them by commenting below.