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Airtable: Enhancements to Embedded Views

Last week, Airtable made a few minor changes to the "embedded view" function that was first released back in April. The changes are primarily cosmetic in nature, and designed to provide even more flexibility.

Embedded views are now displayed using a slightly more simple and streamlined design. For example, the table is no longer wrapped in a border, and instead now makes full use of the space that it is contained in. Also, the view's title is no longer displayed above the table, so you can now add whatever header or leading text that you would like to introduce the view. Similarly, the Airtable logo, as well as the attribution information, has been removed. However, if you copy and paste the new embed code from Airtable, you'll see a nice, subtle link back to Airtable in the footer area of the view.

Included below is an example of an embedded view that illustrates the changes described above. This is being generated from an Airtable base that was created using the Employee Directory template.

It's important to note that if you are already using embedded views, then these changes will not cause those views to break. Regardless, you might want to take a moment to replace any existing embed code with the latest version, add header text to give the view some context, and so on. For more information, please refer to this help page.

In summary, the changes to Airtable's embedded views give you more flexibility with how you use them, and they more easily "blend into" your own site.

Want to give Airtable a try? Click here.

Airtable Embedded View Example