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Airtable: Official API Launch And New Embedded Database Feature

This morning, Airtable officially launched their API, and also announced an interesting new feature that is being referred to as "Embedded Databases." Here's an overview of the new features.

Airtable API Enhancements

I've written before about the Airtable API, and how easy and powerful it is. However, with today's official release of the API, an interesting new feature was added. The API now supports Airtable's views, so that when requesting data you can reference a view instead of a table. The API will honor any filters that have been applied to the view, and return only those records that meet the filter criteria.

By default, when referencing a view, the records are returned in the order specified by the view itself. However, if you want to override the view's default sort order, you can pass a sort parameter to the API.

Embedded Database Support

The new "Embedded Database" function is a nice surprise, and a great new Airtable feature. With it, you can send a link to someone and provide them with read-only access to a view. It's a great way to quickly share data in Airtable, and do so with people regardless of whether or not they use Airtable.

The Embedded Database function also makes it possible for you to embed a view in your own Web site. It generates a nice iframe whose source is a read-only version of the view. I've included an example below, which is based on the Airtable's "Art Gallery" template.


It's nice to see the team at Airtable continue to evolve the service. The speed with which they've rolled out these new features is extremely impressive, especially considering that it was only two months ago that Airtable officially launched.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the team at Airtable comes up with next.

Sample Embedded Database