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Airtable API Example: Art Gallery

For the past couple of days, I've been working with Airtable's API. I'm working on a project for a client, and also experimenting with the API to see what it is capable of.

On Thursday I wrote about an Airtable / Stripe integration that I had worked up, which was based on the fmStripe solution.

I experimented with the API a little more this morning. I used a new Airtable base, which I created from the "Art Gallery" template. The Web app generates a list of artists along with their artwork. The art is displayed as thumbnails, which, when clicked, display the larger images.

You can see the experiment here, and I've included a few screenshots below.

Interested in Airtable? Click here to give it a try. And if you need assistance integrating Airtable, drop me a line.


The Airtable base, which was created using the "Art Gallery" template.

The Web app, which uses Airtable's API to pull the artist info from the base. To see the app live, click here.