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14 Questions About FileMaker 14

FileMaker Pro / Pro Advanced

1. Does the Script Workspace support multiple windows?
Yes. You can right-click to open scripts in new windows.

2. Can you copy and paste text into the Script Workspace?
No - at least not yet.

3. Does the Color Picker show colors based on the current theme?
Yes, and it does so whether you are using a standard or custom theme.

FileMaker Go

4. Will it be ported to other platforms?
Porting it to other mobile platforms is not in the roadmap.

5. Can FileMaker Go 14 connect to databases hosted with FileMaker Server 12?
No, it cannot connect to anything prior than 13.

FileMaker WebDirect

6. Has text rendering been improved?
Yes! There are a lot of bug fixes related to text rendering, including padding, positioning, etc.

7. Does WebDirect support rich text?
Not yet. It removes the text formatting just like it did in 13.

8. Does it work with Firefox?
Reportedly, yes. It's not officially supported, but it isn't blocked either.

FileMaker Server

9. Is a separate license needed for the Standby Server?
No, the license for the Standby Server is included with FileMaker Server.

10. Has the number of concurrent connectons been increased?
Yes, from 50 to around 100. Your mileage may vary!

11. Is PHP/XML still supported?
Yes - and no changes have been made to the API for PHP.

FileMaker 14 Platform In General

12. Has the file format changed?
No. FileMaker 14 uses the same file format (.fmp12) as the FileMaker 12 and 13 platforms.

13. Is the Launch Center shared among multiple users?
No. It is user specific.

14. Can the Launch Center be customized programmatically?
No. It’s an end-user feature.

Want to learn more about the FileMaker 14 platform? An overview of the platform can be found here. And here's a video that I shot with Matt Petrowsky that covers some of what's new in FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced.