Tim Dietrich

Custom Software Developer

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There are many software developers that you can work with.
So why should you choose to work with me?

I have technical experience.
I have deep, hands-on, real world IT experience. It's this experience that empowers me to truly understand your goals and create a solution that will help you to achieve them.

I get the big picture.
I've worked with all of the layers of the technology stack, and I know what it takes to make them work in harmony.

I'm equally comfortable talking "tech" or talking "business."
I have a knack for explaining complex concepts in simple terms, so that they can be understood by technical and non-technical audiences.

I'm creative, inspired, and enthusiastic.
Developing software stirs up my creativity, inspiration, and enthusiasm. As a result, the solution that I create for you will be effective, easy to use, easy to maintain, and it will meet your current needs while also being designed to be enhanced as your needs evolve.