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Open Source FileMaker Solutions

Listed below are some of the FileMaker open source solutions that I developed over the years.

A special version of Luna (a Xojo-based framework for creating RESTful APIs) that supports FileMaker databases.
fm.swift is a class that maps commonly used FileMaker functions to Apple's Swift programming language.
FM Authenticator
FM Authenticator is an open source two-factor authentication (2FA) solution for the FileMaker platform. It helps developers enhance the security of their FileMaker solutions.
FM Containers
FMContainers is a Web application that makes it easy to serve up files that are stored in FileMaker containers.
FM EasyAPI is a PHP-based Web application makes it easy to setup simple, REST APIs for databases hosted with FileMaker Server.
FM EasyAudit
FM EasyAudit is an open source auditing solution for the FileMaker platform. With EasyAudit, you can easily log changes that are being made to data in your FileMaker databases.
FM EasyBarcodes
FM EasyBarcodes is an open source solution that can be used to create barcodes in FileMaker solutions. Most of the more popular barcode types can be generated, as well as QR codes. EasyBarcodes requires no plugins, and no internet connection.
FM EasyCalendar
FM EasyCalendar is a solution for generating data-driven calendars within FileMaker databases. It has been designed to be easy to install and customize, giving developers complete control over how calendars are presented. It also supports business rules, private and shared calendars, and more.
FM EasyCanvas
With FM EasyCanvas, you can create and modify drawings directly from within your FileMaker databases. Using familiar drawing tools (pencil, eraser, line, text, etc), you can create new drawings from scratch, or markup existing drawings or photos taken with your mobile device.
FM EasyHTML is an open source HTML / Text Editor for use in FileMaker databases. With EasyHTML you can provide users with a WYSIWYG tool for editing HTML content.
FM EasyMaps
FM EasyMaps is an open source solution that can be used to create data-driven maps using the Google Maps API. Drop pins / markers with detailed information about the location, and more.
FM EasySignature
FM EasySignature is an open source solution for capturing signatures in FileMaker databases. It is a technique for capturing signatures and optionally storing them in container fields. It's ideal for solutions that require signature capture, such as delivery receipts, contracts and agreements, etc.
FM EasySync
EasySync is an award-winning, alternative, open source sync framework for the FileMaker platform. It's native, simple, transactional, fast, and flexible.
FM EasyWeb
With EasyWeb, you can quickly and easily publish data in your FileMaker databases to the Web, without needing to write any code. Simply install EasyWeb on a Web server, point it at your database, create a few layouts, and you're ready to go.
FM Foo
A Wufoo-to-FileMaker bridge, making it easy to collect info from online forms and save it in a FileMaker database.
FM Stripe
With fmStripe, you can easily receive credit card payments and store them in a FileMaker database.
FM WebFrame
FM WebFrame is an open source extension to the FileMaker API for PHP. It makes it easier to develop advanced Web solutions that integrate with FileMaker databases.