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Airtable: API Resources

One of my favorite features of Airtable is its API. Every Airtable database includes a custom, dynamically generated API, with detailed documentation and helpful code examples.

Below are links to sample applications that make use of the Airtable API, tips and tricks for using the API, and more.

Airtable Content Management System Web App
A simple PHP-based web application that demonstrates how you can use Airtable (and the Airtable API) as a content management system.

Airmaps is a PHP-based Web application that uses Airtable, the Airtable API, and Google Maps to generate maps using address information stored in an Airtable base.

Airtable: Swift / iOS API Demo App
This iOS app, developed using Apple's Swift programming language, demonstrates how you can develop native iPhone and iPad apps that tap into Airtable databases via the API.

Airtable: Xojo / iOS API Demo App & Webinar
This webinar shows how you can use Airtable and Xojo, the multi-platform development tool, to create native, database-driven iOS apps. It walks you through the process of creating an Airtable base, explores the custom API that is generated, and explains how to use Xojo to build a simple iOS app that pulls data from Airtable.